The Gendang Weekly Digest #25

Happenings from our scene this past week…

‘Roh’s’ Route to the Oscars

A big congratulations to producers Kuman Pictures and the cast and crew of indie horror flick ‘Roh’ for being the official Malaysian entry for the International Feature Film Award category at the upcoming Oscars! No, it’s not a nomination (yet), but to be in the mix should at least mean potentially more eyeballs (and revenue) for the film in other film markets.


‘Fuelling The Kreativ Malaysia’ Launched!

This is a must-read for any creative industry professional and practitioner out there. Culled from his years of experience at Media Prima and MyCreative Ventures, chartered accountant Johan Ishak (who is also a Gendang contributor) shares in great detail through a series of articles, the various aspects and challenges of the local content industry. Also included are thoughts and critiques by luminaries like Michael Veerapan, Dato’ Dr Faridah Merican and Lee Khoon Hoi. The book is available at your friendly neighbourhood MPH now.


‘Siar’ Goes ‘Live’!

Love cool and classic local films from the 70s to the 00s? Then head on down to, a new streaming platform with the reasonable subscription fee of RM10 per month (or RM100 for a full year). Among the titles that have caught our eye include the Rahim Razali ‘Abang’ movies, Uwei’s ‘Jogho’, the cult classic ‘Kami’ starring the late Sudirman, and plenty more!


‘Top Of The Pop’ 15th Anniversary Edition Out Now

Sold out since 2008, Couple recently made their die-hard fans happy by announcing the reissue of the classic ‘Top Of The Pop’ album on CD. They’re not pressing too many, so follow the link to get your copy now!


This Week’s New Music

Rousing. Rambunctious. Relevant. ‘Look The Other Way’ is punk rock outfit Trophy Knives’s latest single, taken from their upcoming sophomore album of the same name, scheduled for release on 19th March 2021. “The writing of this record was definitely not conventional, as ideally, we would have loved more studio time to experiment sonically. Having said that, this record was born out of necessity; as we were starting to write demos, the tragic death of George Floyd happened, and as the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum, we were baffled by the tone deaf comments made by people locally and globally…” explains vocalist Vinesh Muniandy. Pre-order “Look The Other Way” on vinyl by getting in touch with the band via social media or visit


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