8 Malaysian Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (English Edition)

From the funny to the downright random, here are some local English podcasts we’d like to introduce to you.

The podcast scene in Malaysia is probably still in its infancy but it’s certainly growing at a rapid pace and it’s about time you start paying attention to some! With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list (in no particular order) of diverse local English podcasts to help you begin your journey.

The Banger Committee Podcast

These guys (Sam, Siva, Chris and Leon) know their football and honestly, you can tell they enjoy the game. More importantly (for people who play Fantasy Football), they’ve also got the FPL Banger Podcast which focuses on well… FPL and provides clear, rationale advice and then some! For all you FPL players out there (and fans of EPL in general), add this to your weekly go-to before making your transfers or any impulsive moves. ‘Tis a tough season, hang in there brethren.


The ImAssuming Podcast

If you’d like to listen to the stories of some interesting people of varying careers and passions, this is it. From comedians like Kavin Jay and Dr. Jason Leong to local journalists such as Karamjit and Richard Augustin, radio DJs and other extraordinary stories and experiences from ordinary people, this unpretentious, unfiltered podcast brings insight and shares the journey of colourful individuals and aims to challenge assumptions.


Somethin’ Like That with Nav

The Somethin’ Like That with Nav podcast focuses on talents and artists from the Entertainment and Arts scene, especially here in Malaysia. So if you’ve ever wondered what some of your favourite bands, artists, musicians, actors, DJs and more have been up to, this could very well be it. Nav’s just a curious guy with heaps of questions when it comes to the entertainment and arts scene and so far, he’s got the likes of Abang Rom of ROTTW, Ray Cheong, Azmyl Yunor, Vandal and heaps of other interesting and talented people on the show.


Seek to Speak

The Seek to Speak’s podcast aims to empower people to express themselves through speech with host, Ain Aissa. And in each episode, she seeks to speak about ways to better verbalise ourselves and our stories. Ain’s got topical interview sessions with special guests and also shares select speaking tips, useful for both, casual and competitive speakers.


The Macha Men Podcast

They “talk cock” for approximately one hour about some Malaysian story that was researched on over the weekend. The episode we tuned in had them first talking about an IronMan balloon being mistaken for an alien in India – after which a hilarious conversation ensued on the many reasons aliens generally don’t and shouldn’t land there. For instance, if an Indian villager were asked to be taken to “their leader”, they’d all volunteer and claim that they are the leader. This then lead to the main event, the story of Michael Soosai who Keren rightfully says sounds like an 80’s contemporary Rock singer who would probably have released a Greatest Hit album which was just all filled with clarinet songs.

We think that’s all that needs to be said to give you a taste of what this podcast has to offer. If you’re in for a good laugh while getting educated on interesting Malaysian stories at the same time, give these guys a follow. Oh, I think it’s obligatory to also mention that yes, it’s that Kavin Jay (how many others do you know?) from Netflix!


Geeks in Malaysia

Amelia Chen, Khairil M. Bahar and Nick Dorian talk geek from the depths of The Hub in Malaysia. Everything from comics to movies to games to TV shows to whatever else they deem geeky – from an in-depth talk about the Predator movie franchise and its extended universe to the latest in geek news and even an attempt to play a tabletop RPG game, here’s where these three release their inner geek and for you and I, to embrace it.


The Rumah Roy Podcast

Rumah Roy calls itself a safe haven for geeks, dorks, nerds, weirdoes and the curious. They like intriguing ideas, good conversations and fascinating people and some of the topics that have been discussed include polyamorous relationships, the Malaysian education system, Star Wars, doxing, conservation, pedophilia and many more.


Two Book Nerds Talking

While the name of the podcast may not immediately give it away…

Books, books, books! This podcast is all about the books and we’re probably gonna be repeating the word “books” countless times in this description. Books. Two book-lovin’ Malaysian girls, Honey (who also reviews – what else – books for Gendang) and Diana discuss books of all sorts and share things like reading insights, book-ish topics, they pick the minds of the occasional bookworm guests and speak about pretty much anything and everything book-related. Do you love books? They clearly love… books. So if you do (love books) too, this podcast on books is for you. You book lovin’ person, you. Oh, speaking of books, the Big Bad Wolf is going online this year and it’s happening next week!



A lot of these podcasts were discovered thanks to the brilliant efforts from the folks at the Malaysian Podcasts Community! Feel free to stalk the community page like we did to discover some really awesome Malaysian podcasts.

Know of any other interesting local podcasts? Let us know in the comments section below!



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  1. The Waiting Room on YouTube…we’re not on Spotify. We’re already 16 episodes in with guests like Zee Avi and Reza Salleh already on the show. Also check out TapauTV’s podcast with Jen Thompson. Cheers!

  2. One of my fave podcasts to listen to – The Pendulum Show! Young Malaysians dissect issues both local and international in a tone and manner that is casual and accessible!

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