The Levi’s Music Project is Coming to Malaysia for the First Time

Here’s a really cool chance for musicians to equip themselves with all the knowledge and tools they need.

At a time where local musicians need all the support they can get, comes a potential savior in the form of the Levi’s Music Project. You may have heard of it before.


Launched back in 2016 in Europe, the project brings together two of the brand’s evident core essence – that giving back never goes out of style and Levi’s brand heritage in music. What it essentially helped provide was access to music education in places that needed it the most and in turn, provide a huge stepping stone for the next generations of aspiring musicians.

It soon made its way across the globe and coming along on this journey were some of the most loved and respected music artists from around the globe including names like Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, SZA, Vince Staples and Justin Timberlake – to name a few.



Now, the Levi’s Music Project will make its way to Malaysia for the very first time and they’ve got some big names like Jennifer Thompson and Jin Hackman tagging along on this mission to empower the next generation of homegrown talents.

“At a time when more and more artists are achieving commercial success independently, it’s imperative for a musician to be hands-on with every single aspect of his/ her craft. Knowing how to put together a marketing plan and pitch the media effectively for example, can go a long way in maximizing the impact of a release.  The Levi’s Music Project may very well be the platform to equip solo artists and bands alike with the knowledge and tools required to help them ‘cut through the noise’ and eventually have a sustainable career in music. It’s all about the long game!” said Jin Hackman.

The call for submissions is open as of today (12th October, 2020) after which, selected musicians will be a part of a long-term 3-phase journey over 3 years for an immersive experience in music education! That’s nuts.

Phase 1 of the Levi’s Music Project will see four finalists work alongside Jennifer and Jin to create original material that’ll then be performed at a Virtual Showcase.

In addition to funding the four new and original tracks, from production to market release, Levi’s is awarding one winner with funds to produce a music video to complement the newly produced track and a bunch of other goodies.

For more information on the Levi’s Music Project follow ‘em on Facebook and Instagram.


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