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Introducing, the Somethin’ Like That with Nav Podcast

How one man’s curiosity has been keeping us entertained.

Here at Gendang, we’ve been honestly overwhelmed by the support that we’ve received and much to our delight, our hopes of having a bunch of like-minded and passionate content creators join us in sharing stories of the local scene is slowly, but surely heading towards the right direction. We can’t thank you enough.

It was also because of that very same search that we engaged with a talented, passionate and experienced radio host (an OG, in other words) in the form of Nav. He, just like many others who found ways to still work on their craft and art despite the boundaries the MCO put into place, decided to go down the path of podcasts. Now, this was something we spoke about a while ago during a little fun project we worked on together and little did I know that Nav, a true man of his words, had been planning the execution the entire time.

The Somethin’ Like That with Nav podcast focuses on talents and artists from the Entertainment and Arts scene, especially here in Malaysia. This includes Solo Artists, Bands, Musicians, DJs, Actors and more. “Honestly, I’m just a curious guy with tons of questions in my head when it comes to the entertainment and arts scene. So to answer those questions….I started this podcast show”, Nav tells us.

Prior to the podcast, Nav had already been around the block as an emcee and host for several years before getting his big break in radio when he joined TraxxFM in the early 2000s. He had the opportunity to host an assortment of shows on varying timeslots before finally landing himself on prime time radio when he started hosting the popular morning show.

Outside of the studio, he took on additional responsibilities that included production of jingles, station promos, public service announcements and voice overs aside from also hosting live events and road shows.

Then, in mid-2010, after deciding to pursue a change in scenery, he went on to join, which was Malaysia’s fastest growing internet English radio station at the time. As one of the pioneering team members of the station, he was also instrumental in setting up the station operations aside from producing and hosting the morning show.

On Somethin’ Like That with Nav, he has already gotten some amazing guests over including the likes of Abang Rom of ROTTW, Reefa, Vandal and many more. New episodes are out once, or sometimes twice a week and you can (and should) give the podcast a follow, ‘like’ and more importantly, a listen!


Instagram: @slt_nav



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