The Gendang Weekly Digest #18

Happenings from our scene this past week…

They’re PAC!

Live performance venues are opening up again and it’s wonderful to see the likes of klpac (The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) a hive of activities again. Their upcoming show ‘Yesterday Once More 3’ (featuring timeless tunes from decades gone by) has “a team of 34 cast and production team members that have invested 1,666 man hours in the creation of this show.” So support the talents and our local scene by getting your tickets now![0]=68.ARByenCj8MAj7BjJo24Iqd2buC-MjRuyUg7rVqRQeQr7ED9CMtEA6ZnUJOpRS8ZN63jzA9oQ-nxsycJXBx3WVx2Pk8DGQ0UtetWhow0k6lv99zZbEWz4vsPhB1y1mGNXa5JzXaopwqscbJsd5b65uhwpQXih14jD44t_yowzVk9EzcOEMUR4XXPhtrRlB9i5sCiu8_phl8fHTboDR4ZCQuKIRDK9_Zz8OwdyQkBhzK1hx8ttK1s0rEZ_wr6nDbdvVsQGAp5WaVOnRrTxJnc0RktNLHd0yebKNLdEIaIQbaHQKOpHtFmRpzSTumDtuNm526sDXFIwsazNO8m5iPHC-t0OXJPYm4w75lh0O3g_FLGevb87KN7QQiD8x4Inzrz2JAtosoWvYGA5UGZdg2DpybUI211-cPmX6qHR4Cv5QYXl_OQ&__tn__=-R


A New Flix Arise

While we’ve heard of the news of Malaysian-based OTT platform iflix being deep in financial trouble, a new service called Nurflix was recently launched to potentially lead a different niche. This first Syariah-compliant streaming platform is expected to begin service this October and will feature 12 exclusive titles for starters, and will be free for the first 3 months.


Also New: A Local Drive-In Cinema

Yes, indeed. Ipoh has become the first city to offer a drive-in cinema experience in the country with the launch of Casuarina Sini-Drive recently. Located in Downtown Meru, the venue can accommodate up to 70 vehicles at any one time. Tickets are on sale at


Family Mayhem, Keluarga Iskandar-Style 

The much-awaited ‘Keluarga Iskandar The Movie’ has finally landed in our living rooms via astro first. The award-winning family mockumentary was last seen on the small screen some six years ago. And the 90-minute film, which has been 2 years in the making, is a laugh-a-minute road movie with all the characters in their element. Do wait for our full review coming soon!


This Week’s New Music

The tributes keep coming in for our heroic frontliners. And here’s a brand new heart-warming tune called ‘Terima Kasih’ by DIN N FRIENDS, which also serves as a good reminder that the fight is not over yet!


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