5 Questions With… Alternative Outfit, Advents

Legendary producer Ahmad Izham Omar has described their debut EP as “sublime”, so Gendang sent the band a bunch of questions to find out more about it…

How long did it take to record the ‘Clueless and Immature’ EP?

The EP took more than a year to make. We had songs in there that we scrapped, and many times we were too busy to be working on the EP. Songs were also changed last minute many times, but it took pretty long because Shawin our guitarist, who actually produces the songs for us, was quite new to production at the time, and he had to learn on the fly. But he has really improved over time and we really thank him for doing the legwork on the production.

From left to right: Eimann (lead vocals and guitar), Shawin (lead guitar), Nadree (bass) and Izaaq (drums)


What are the songs all about?

‘Heather’s Whistle’ is about an argument with someone who does not want to admit they are wrong.

The second track ‘Ramona Flowers’, is a love story about a boy who knew loving this girl would end in misery, but still pursued it anyway.

‘Slowdance’ tells the struggle about being in a toxic relationship.

‘Bad Sense of Time’ tells two stories; falling for a person you realise you’re not ready for and getting cheated on.

‘Kiara’ is about a boy who loved a girl with an abusive father.

‘Television Dream’ is more up to the listener’s interpretation. It could easily be about a relationship, but at the same time it could also be a political song.

The ‘Clueless and Immature’ EP is about us growing up as a band. The title speaks for itself; we are just a bunch of teenagers going through life and learning things along the way. We’re all just clueless and immature in understanding life and in understanding our own music. Each song was inspired by a significant event that happened to some of us, and this is our first EP – we don’t know what to expect, we’re oblivious, we’re clueless.


What’s the songwriting process like?

It depends. For ‘Television dream’, we made it by accident on our first jam session together and Eimann wrote the lyrics. And as for ‘Slowdance’ and ‘Bad Sense of Time’, they started off as a demo from Shawin’s computer. But one thing in common is that the instruments come first before anything else, and we work our way around the instruments.

Formed in 2017, members of Advents are all true blue KLites


What bands were you all listening to during this past MCO period?

Quite a number! The Strokes, The 1975, John Coltrane, Lorde, Bombay Bicycle Club, LCD Soundsystem Nina Simone and Preoccupations.


What’s the story behind the ‘Television Dream’ music video with a Russian girl in it?

There’s a deep meaning behind it. The listeners have to find out!


Listen to ‘Clueless and Immature’ here:


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