The End of a Subang Institution

“Whatever passion I have right now as an adult for reading and writing can be traced back to those hours spent at MPH”

By Najmie Noordin

In 1988, South East Asia’s Longest Mall (at the time) opened in Subang Jaya, signalling the small township’s arrival to the big stage (and also Sime Darby’s 1st successful property development).

As a kid growing up in Subang Jaya, Subang Parade was almost a weekly highlight – the McDonald’s, arcades and Toys R’ Us being some of the more popular shops for us kids.

But I want to take this opportunity to talk about MPH, and how the privilege of being near a well-stocked bookstore would reap benefits in later years.

I was fortunate enough to not only be brought to but also encouraged to roam and spend hours at MPH. I grew up loving action novels, and by the time I was in Standard 6, I had fallen for Grisham’s and Clancy’s. You can see from the pictures I still have books I bought from MPH Parade from the 90s, hoping to pass on my interest in reading to my kids (😢).

Whatever passion or interest I have right now as an adult for reading and writing can be traced back to the early 90s where hours were spent at MPH. There was no Kinokuniya at the time, but MPH back then – under a Hong Kong business group control – was well-stocked especially when it comes to English titles.

So the news that MPH Subang Parade will be closing down soon is kinda sad because it means some kid will no longer get to do what I had the privilege of doing growing up. I know we live in a different era and computer games, Google etc makes reading seems archaic. But I couldn’t help feeling kids are missing out on something when they don’t enjoy reading.

Anyway, when I was queuing up to pay, I was reminded of my childhood where I just sat there cross-legged reading a book until I could hear my father’s voice telling me “time’s up”. Well, time is up for you, MPH Subang Parade. Thanks for the memories and may you rest in peace.

Editor’s note: As at now, MPH will be closing down 9 of its stores nationwide


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