The Gendang Weekly Digest #12

Happenings from our scene this past week…

‘Sepet The Musical’ On YouTube!
The musical version of one of the late Yasmin Ahmad’s most beloved magnum opus, ‘Sepet’, has been made free to view on YouTube. Only till 9th May, so hit that play button now (and be prepared for an emotional roller coaster)!


It’s time to #Rockathomelive
Hosted by Tommy Love from ROTTW, #Rockathomelive will feature guest performances and interviews by our very own local artists in 8 different episodes. The show will be ‘live’ on Yoodo’s FB and YouTube pages, where you can also check the dates and line-up of performers.


‘Alahai Corona’
This is quite a treat. Our very own Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia (OTM) has teamed up with Singapore’s Orkestra Sri Temasik, and well-known Ghazal singer Rojer Rozaidy Shukry for this thoroughly entertaining piece with an equally important message.


Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia (OTM) menyambut baik saranan Kerajaan Malaysia untuk duduk di rumah dan hindari gejala wabak Covid-19. Klip Video ini di tujukan khas buat semua masyarakat Malaysia terutama kepada petugas-petugas di barisan hadapan yang telah berusaha bertungkus lumus tanpa mengira masa demi untuk memastikan negara kita bebas dan terjamin dari wabak yang merbahaya ini. Pada kali ini OTM akan berkoleborasi bersama Orkestra Sri Temasik, Singapura dan juga seorang penyanyi Ghazal yang tidak asing lagi Rojer Rozaidy Shukry Full. Semoga anda semua terhibur.. Jangan Lupa "LIKE" dan "SHARE" Ya! :)ALAHAI CORONALirik : Zahari MusaDulu bermimpi, dulu bermimpi tak nak bekerjaBergoyang kaki, amboi senangnya, bergoyang kaki di rumah sajaSekarang mimpi, sekarang mimpi dah jadi nyataDi dalam hati, aduhai seksa, kena PKP memang tak sangka Dari lah mana, hendak ke mana, suratnya manaDari lah rumah, aduhai encik, hendak ke pasar membeli roti (gardenia)Dari lah mana, dari lah mana virus coronaDari lah sana, aduhai che nyonya, dari lah sana turun ke mariApa salahnya, apa salahnya diam di rumahPenuhkan iman, aduhai taulan penuhkan iman di dalam hatiAda hikmahnya, ada hikmahnya virus coronaBanyaklah orang, aduhai teman banyaklah orang mengingat matiPada yang susah, pada yang susah bantuan dihulurPada yang senang, aduhai tuan pada yang senang tetap bersyukurJanganlah sombong, janganlah sombong jangan takaburVirus yang kecil, aduhai tuan, boleh membawa ke alam kubur

Posted by Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia on Sunday, May 3, 2020


Covart19 for a Good Cause

Rumah Seni Selangor (RUsSEL) has put up some 28 pieces of artwork for sale online (Covart19) in aid of Tabung Karyawan Seni to benefit artists affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The artworks have been donated by 18 artists including Ahmad Fuad Osman, Bayu Utomo, Suddin Lappo and Hasmi Hashim. To view the pieces, or for more details, visit


This Week’s New Music Video
Anime lovers would truly appreciate this new music video of ‘Sumire’ by pop-mosh band, Patriots. The song is taken off their debut album, ‘Separation’, which is available on all streaming platforms.


This Week’s New EP
Indie pop outfit Advents has finally released their much-anticipated debut EP, ‘Clueless & Immature’. The 6-track EP features the band’s contemplative, smooth pop/rock sensibilities. Best enjoyed with headphones on.


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