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7 Malaysian Movies on iflix You Must Watch

Let the binge watching begin!

VOD streaming platform iflix has a treasure trove of local content, be it movies or drama series. Although it leans heavily towards certain local studios, there are enough of the good and the guilty pleasure to keep you coming back for more. Especially now that it’s free (during this MCO period, at least), and can be accessed without registration.

And to kick off the  bingeing, here is our list of seven local flicks you must stream (in no order of preference):

Adnan Semp-It

Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Intan Ladyana, Yana Samsudin, Cat Farish, Along Cham

Director: Ahmad Idham

An unorthodox romantic comedy about a despatch boy who falls in his love with his lady boss. More comedy than romance, the film is packed with evergreen one-liners (who can forget “ada hati dalam taman”?) and comedic set pieces. Shaheizy Sam is in his element here and this film spawned a couple of sequels and also spinoffs.

Bukit Kepong

Cast: Jins Shamsuddin, A. Rahim, Hussein Abu Hassan

Director: Jins Shamsuddin

One of Tan Sri Jins Shamsuddin’s most memorable films, ‘Bukit Kepong’ also swept a multitude of awards at the Malaysian Film Festival. The acting is theatrical and it’s unashamedly patriotic, but the dramatic scenes will still give you all the feels.  To this day, it’s still one of only a handful of war movies ever produced in Malaysia.

Gila Baby

Cast: Beto Kusyairy, Nadiya Nisaa, Fimie Don, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Adlin Aman Ramlie

Director: Kabir Bhatia

An action-packed movie about a down-on-his-luck guy who is forced to steal a car belonging to a mobster, without knowing that the mobster’s baby granddaughter is in it. He is then chased by the mobster’s gang and also their rivals (who feel that the baby could be a ploy in their power struggle), and also by the authorities. Interesting characters fill the movie and it’s a thrilling ride from start to the very end.

KL Gangster

Cast: Aaron Aziz, Syamsul Yusof, Adi Putra, Sofi Jikan, Zizan Razak, Ridzuan Hashim, Adam Corrie

Director: Syamsul Yusof

The action movie that launched dozens of imitations in terms of characterisation and storyline, It’s also one of Shamsul Yusof’s best films featuring memorable one-liners and a taut editing.  The acting is over the top but the frantic pacing and set pieces more than make up for it. The film spawned it’s more over the top sequel ‘KL Gangster 2’ and also spinoffs ‘Abang Long Fadil’ (both are also on iflix).


Cast: Fimie Don, Mawi, Diana Danielle, Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, Maya Karin, M. Nasir

Director: Edry Abdul Halim

An entertaining family movie with a plot inspired by ‘Alice In Wonderland’.  A girl chases his depressed brother (due to their mum’s recent demise) down an old well, only to find themselves in a fairy tale world.  Along the way they meet interesting characters straight out of Malay folklore. Kids will definitely enjoy this.


Cast: Hans Isaac, Maya Karin, Ramli Hassan, Rin Izzumi

Director: Yasu Tanaka

A well-made noir thriller about a couple with relationship issues who travel to Sarawak to make things right. It’s an intriguing slow burner (what did you expect from its Japanese director Yasu Tanka?) and features a star turn by the late Ramli Hassan.


Cast: Maya Karin, Bront Palarae, Izara Aishah, Remy Ishak, Azad Jasmin, Dira Abu Zahar

Director: Osman Ali

One of the funniest Malaysian romantic comedies of recent times is worth a watch on iflix.  Featuring some of Malaysia’s best known actors, it follows a pair of jilted lovers trying to foil the impending marriage of their exes to each other.  Comedy of errors, of course, ensue.

Other worthy mentions:

Romantic night-ins – ‘29 Februari’, ‘Balada Pencinta’, ‘Girlfriend Kontrak’

Horror movie nights – ‘Santau’, ‘Hantu Kapcai’

Stoner flicks – ‘KL Zombi’, ‘Abang Long Fadil’, ‘Duyung’, ‘Bikers Kental 2’, ‘Haru Biru’

Testosterone trips – ‘J Revolusi’, ‘Remp-It’, ‘KL Special Force’

Family friendly – ‘Tentang Bulan’, ‘Bola Kampung The Movie’, ‘Wheely’


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