All the Malaysian Songs on Covid You Need to Check Out

From the Blues to parodies, a rap song to even a P. Ramlee remix!

Local musicians have been actively coming together to help push awareness, show appreciation to frontliners and just showcasing their talents while providing great entertainment to all of us who are stuck at home. Which is exactly what we need! Here’s a diverse list of such initiatives:

‘Covid 19 Blues’ by Gombak Hillbillies

Doesn’t get any better than this, and in fact, the very song that sparked off the idea to come up with this list. Known as the Gombak Hillbillies, the song stars a man in a sarung featuring helpful backup vocalists and a disgruntled cat (who we can only assume is thinking “Not again”) all in a catchy bluesy song. Awesome stuff!



‘Tunggu Sekejap (remix)’ by Luqman Firdaus

This one right here by Luqman Firdaus is actually part of the Malaysian Music Cover Challenge (read more about that HERE) and is a smooth rap over a remixed version of P. Ramlee’s ‘Tunggu Sekejap’. Give it a listen, trust us.

‘Sama-sama Fight C-19’ (parody of ‘Summer of 69’) by Douglas Lim

If you guys don’t already know this, Douglas Lim has been an absolute saving grace during this whole being-stuck-at-home period thanks to his hilarious videos – uploaded (thankfully) on a regular basis! One of the many things he’s good at, is song parodies and testament to that is this parody of ‘Summer of 69’ called ‘Sama-sama Fight C-19’. Once you’re done, go check out his other videos.


‘Corona Virus Freestyle’ by Zamaera

Zamaera’s one of those rappers who always delivers – even when she’s just dropping some lines while at home, dressed in a baju kelawar.


‘Kita Jaga Kita’ by The Panda-mic! feat. Nabil Nazmi, Helloluqman & Rina-Hime

Our new PM must hold a record of some kind because he’s already been featured in a whole bunch of local music videos! This one included by a whole bunch of local talent who came together for ‘Kita Jaga Kita’, a collaboration dedicated to our fight against Covid-19.


‘Duduk Rumah’ by Aizat Amdan

Aizat wants you to adhere to the rules and stay at home, not head out and purchase tickets to balik kampung. Only thou art able to stop this virus, stayeth at home.


‘Stay Safe @ Home’ by Aniu, Sheila Majid, Ana Raffali, Jaclyn Victor and Altimet

Aniu is back with another Covid song, this time with the help of some friends. Oh, no biggie just names like Sheila Majid, Jaclyn Victor, Ana Raffali and Altimet… are you kidding? That’s huge! Plus, the song is in 3 languages and Aniu’s clearly got some mad moves. So much talent in one video, and all for a good cause.


‘Kau Ilhamku’ by Briged Anak Seni Malaysia

Malaysia’s version of ‘Imagine’ could quite possibly be ‘Kau Ilhamku’. But whether there is truth to that or not, there’s no denying this talented and really moving rendition of the song by Briged Anak Seni Malaysia dedicated to all the brave and dedicated frontliners during these troubling times.



If you’re one who prefers advice delivered straight to the point and also enjoys shuffling, this one’s for you:



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