The Gendang Weekly Digest #8

‘Daulat’ In Da House!

The much-anticipated film ‘Daulat’, Malaysia’s “First Political Thriller’ will begin airing on streaming platform iflix on 6th April, at 12pm. And it’s free!


She Made the Cut!

If you’re looking for a new show to binge on, sign on to Prime Video (if you aren’t already a member), and catch the latest fashion reality show helmed by Heidi Klum, ‘Making The Cut’. It features designers from all around the world competing to be the next big global brand, and it includes Malaysia’s own Jasmine Chong!


Animation Creators Alert!

Come and show your storytelling skills by joining MDEC’s Kre8tif! Storytelling Competition. See below for details.[0]=68.ARCo-5IHl_CPoPd-h7pu8qpnV-mOjuhwPk8-9X0yBYHo-m7byDq8WFxiqLd7ByeGExO7D-8ycg5d6CrtSeG473Q1i1mrxVzBgTQeBjQI4R8iNvvd9RDhGiofifMhMwxWxU3NHlBzbuzTY1FNW1gAmdvXCOAON1AsC9e4-UrGPdGufQ11MLAHYD1yoR1vVKfJoTICF7zScVJjnvvFCxY2M_VdyKfyvJB4abGtGM3zZIO463bxh5_G8Gl6aesoRx1D4_B6EOZIbtV71PVbZOin0amoci9q09V6SO5L0A5OM7g27qKHtUYgWqrsfLt-GxPsH2-bfMYcz1pd2a51jgG7aPRquQ&__tn__=-R


Art for #KitaJagaKita

We’ve seen so many brilliant initiatives by various parties to help those in need during these challenging times. And this includes artist Fahmi Reza, who is doing profile picture designs for people in exchange donations for #DesignMelawanCovid9, to benefit the #KitaJagaKita campaign. Get yours done now!

Search is Over

Well, at least for legendary frontman, Amy, who made the announcement of his departure from the band on his Instagram account. The remaining members, Nasir, Kid and Nordin, however, have announced that Amy’s place will be taken over by Wings frontman, Dato’ Awie.

This Week’s New Music

I Lost The Plot drummer W/SH has just released a 4-track EP called ‘Candor’. So just press play, sit back and enjoy.


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