The Gendang Weekly Digest #7

After a 2-week hiatus, the Gendang Weekly Digest is back with highlights from around the industry this past week. With the RMO in full swing for everyone’s safety and well-being, content creators everywhere have turned to the online space to share their latest works, creative expressions, as well as organising shows and gigs (free or otherwise). The show must go on, indeed!

Art for All

Amidst the gloom of this ongoing pandemic, some of our brightest and most talented artistes have begun to flood our Twitter timelines with their amazing works. One of our favourites is @Artortoise , who’s been producing both thought-provoking and heart-warming art for us on a daily basis.

Gigs Galore!

The line-up of artists doing ‘live’ shows online is growing each day to the delight of their respective fans. And this include legends of the industry like Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza and Dato’ Sheila Majid, who will be performing ‘live’ on Instagram (@missmajid) every night at 10.15pm, till the 14th of April.

An excellent effort to fundraise was also done by @festivaldudukrumah which featured a diverse group of talents including singer Zee Avi, poet Azalia Suhaimi, comedian Phoon Chin Ho and sape player Anderson Kalang. Meanwhile, @riuhinthecity recently launched ‘RIUH In Your Homes’, a series of performances by a wonderfully eclectic line-up of musicians.


#StayAtHome and Shoot a Video!

In case isolation brings you inspiration, here’s just the thing for you. Kuman Pictures is calling for entries for its thriller/horror short film competition with a RM1000 prize money. Closing date is 15th April 2020.

CIPTA FILEM PENDEK SEMPENA MUSIM PKP / RMO!Bosan di rumah? Meh hasilkan filem pendek dalam skala minimal!Kuman…

Posted by Kuman Pictures on Sunday, March 29, 2020

Keep Calm and Buy Art

Curated by artist and writer Tajrin Faruqi, Tenang Gallery is a virtual alternative art gallery that is currently displaying fascinating and edgy works by local artistes that you can buy, or simply appreciate.

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Judul – Tiada judul/ Ujian mata dan minda / Random screenshort while surfing the internet Media – new media Tahun – 2020 Siri – Bukti Sia-siart? Fasa – Fasa 5 Kajian dan siasatan penamat Bukti Sia-siart? Pengkarya – Tajrin Faruqi Gambar ini diambil tanpa kebenaran dari internet, sebagai sebuah bukti ringkas namun menakutkan, betapa dunia internet masih mempunyai loopholes buat penjenayah atau orang ramai untuk mencuri gambar atau hak orang lain tanpa disedari. Ironinya, gambar atau hasil yang dicuri ini cuba dijadikan sebuah karya baru yang mampu menggambar dan membawa maksud yang positif, lebih-lebih lagi di saat wabak Covid 19 melanda seluruh negara. Secara tidak sengaja, saya hanya mahu menunjukkan sebuah dokumentasi ringkas sebuah jenayah internet, tidak tersangka atau terlintas niat mahupun mens rea saya untuk menjadikan hasil jenayah menjadi sebuah hasil karya apatah lagi karya 'seni'. Ia seolah saya mempraktikkan apa yang diprektis oleh para hacker, spy mahupun detektif, dan hasil yang diperoleh dikongsi bersama-sama dengan semua golongan. #tenanggallery #tajrinfaruqi #menyembuhkanvirtualshow

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Cool New Music Releases

FUGŌ has unleashed the demo version of ‘Moon and the Sun’, a song slated for their new upcoming EP. And don’t forget to read the info-packed caption.

Meanwhile, Purevibracion has released a soothing pop reggae track, ‘Jauh’, the band’s first Malay single since its inception two decades ago.



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