6 Things To Do With Your Time During RMO

Cinemas are closed. Gigs, fairs and workshops are postponed till it’s safe to reconvene again. And if you’re struggling and wondering how to keep your creative self occupied during this #stayathome period, we have some ideas:


If you have somehow read everything you own – including that stash from the last Big Bad Wolf sale – no worries, cos there’s a ton of stuff to explore online. For starters, our own National Library has some 13.2 million digital reading materials, including ebooks, accessible to everyone on their website for FREE. Here’s the link:

Learn to Sing

Especially if you’re one of those singing on the balcony to kill your boredom, at least sing in tune! The best part; you can have vocal coach and former Akademi Fantasia champ, Vince Chong, to teach you everything you need to know.

Or Write a Song

Another AF alumni, singer/songwriter Amir Jahari has been teaching songwriting for sometime now, and is offering an online songwriting masterclass to suit the current times. Just WhatsApp the number on the poster for more details.

And Even Produce a Film

Oh yes. You can learn anything online these days, and it includes producing for film. And Malaysian producer, director and writer Feisal Azizuddin has put together an easy-to-follow course for those interested. Sign up via this link:

Sketch Something

Surely you have some paper and pencil, so sketch something, anything at all. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this Johor-based artist’s list of themes for every single day during the RMO.

Appreciate Poetry

21st March is World Poetry Day! Since poetry slams and gatherings have been postponed, check out works by people the world over via the #worldpoetryday hashtag. And back home, something special will be happening on the night of the 21st. Poet and author Aliff Awan is organising #HariPuisiSeduniaDariRumah. Upload your own reading or performance on to social media and stand to win some cool prizes (and admirers)!


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