Upcoming Concerts, Gigs & Festivals in KL (March – July 2020)

One shouldn’t have to face time-wasting, annoying problems like trying to figure out whether there’s a good band playing tonight and if so, where? If you’re anything like us, you’d prefer a familiar place which then probably narrows it down to perhaps two, or three of your “regular joints” at most. You know, avoid venturing into KL ‘cause parking’s gonna be a bitch and you’d have to regulate your alcohol intake out of the fear of roadblocks where you least expect them. We feel you. But we did some digging, and there are some bands and live music acts that exist out of those boundaries and wouldn’t you know it, they’re gosh darn worth venturing out for too.

So the next time you’re itching for some good live music, this website/blog thingy right here is all you’ve got to refer to – from regulars to one night specials, we’ll be trying to source out all the good acts (around KL for starters, sorry folks) in town so you’ll always be able to satisfy that music itch. Go on, you deserve an icy cold mug of crisp beer while listening to some damn good tunes.

Musicians for Musicians Benefit Concert 2020

Who? A significant Malaysian music milestone will take place this coming 15th March in the form of the Musicians for Musicians Benefit Concert 2020, where some of the top Malaysian musicians from the 70’s and 80’s will come together in hopes of raising RM500,000 to uplift the lives of musicians who have run into bad times. An initiative by Persatuan Pemuzik Tempatan Selangor (PPTS), the concert will feature 100 musicians at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre from 3PM till 11PM. Some of the performers include Alleycats, Sons of Adam, Os Pombos, Albert Sirimal, Frankie Tan, Zack & Lyia and many more. Do you really need any more convincing?
Mana? MIECC, Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre
When? 15th March, 2020

Ruffedge LIVE @ MPO

Who? Local R&B and hip hop group, Ruffedge made their recent comeback and even celebrated their 20th anniversary celebration in 2018 and now, aim to serenade you in an unforgettable night of insane ballads, funky beats and vocal harmonies. Fans should head on over to enjoy their infectious hits like ‘Tiada Lagi Cinta’, ‘Bila Rindu’, ‘Tipah Tertipu’, ‘Lemas’, ‘Da Bomb’ and more.
Mana? Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
When? 23rd March, 2020

Konsert Apologia Search & Awie

Who? Not Amy, that’s for sure. Apparently he’s caught up with business and also said, “But the offer also came quite late. I’m not the type of person who signs a deal today only to stage a concert next month. At least give me six months to prepare”. And that’s where Awie comes in who from get-go made it clear that he had no intentions of meddling with band’s affairs and is just stepping in to help them make this concert happen – with the blessings of Amy, of course.
Mana? The Bee, Publika
When? 28th March, 2020

Nusa Fest

Who? On top of its selection of amazing local talent they’ve also added a few Indonesian singers and bands as the headliners like PADI Reborn, Cita Citata, Kelompok Penerbang Roket and Maliq & D’Essentials. On the local front, you can expect names like Butterfingers, Caprice, Joe Flizzow, Cromok, Gerhana Skacinta, K-Clique and more.
Mana? Bandar Malaysia
When? Initially intended to take place on 7 and 8th March, Nusa Fest has now been postponed because of concerns over the coronavirus. We certainly hope it still goes on though because with a line-up like that, we’re pretty sure fans wouldn’t mind waiting just a little bit longer till the dust settles.

Riot Fest 2020

Who? Taking place on 4/20, which uh… we’re highlighting for absolutely no reason at all, is what is claimed to be the biggest Indie concert in Malaysia. Headlining the concert are Hujan and Bunkface and they’ve recently added more impressive names to the list like Salammusik, Toko KIlat, Bittersweet, Aman Ra and more! More info and tickets can be found here:
Mana? MAEPS, Serdang
When? 4/20 lah woi!

Innuendo – The Return

Who? In their prime, they were referred to as the “Boyz II Men of Malaysia” what with their smooth, soulful R&B vibes and tunes. And now, Sam, Pot and Taj (minus Reymee though) are throwing a comeback concert for Innuendo promising a nostalgic night with hits like ‘Belaian Jiwa’, ‘Selamanya’, ‘Gemawan’, ‘Ratu Hati’ and more. The fact that they’re also bringing along Michael Veerapan as Music Director for the show guarantees a night of pure class.
Mana? Istana Budaya, KL
​When? 10th April, 2020

Hujan x MPYO

Who? Local Alt Rock band Hujan has undeniably enjoyed a cult following through the years and are now back with their first performance ever in collaboration with the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Imagine the combination of Hujan’s unorthodoxed Alt Rock and Jazz melodies with MPYO’s energetic symphonic arrangements! Better yet, don’t imagine and just head there yourself to experience it all, ey?
Mana? Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
​When? 4th July, 2020


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